Our Skill-Set

1. The backbone of every application is it's BACK-END. We make sure to use future-proof open-source technologies which make most sense for your project.

Rest based microservices using Java, NodeJs & Python. Big data achieved using Kafka, RabbitMQ & Spark.

2. As they say "Design" is the silent ambassador of your brand. Six Sprints is an expert when it comes to FRONT-END technologies.

Web development ReactJs, Angular & VueJs. Web design SASS, Bootstrap, HTML & CSS.

3. The trend was: MOBILE is winning. Now, it’s won!

Mobile development React Native, Flutter, Android & iOS Swift. Hybrid apps Ionic & Phonegap.

4. Torture the data, and it will confess to anything. We choose the best DATABASE for the challenge at hand.

Databases MySql, PostgreSql, MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra & Druid. Caching Aerospike & Redis. Search Solr & ElasticSearch.

5. Continous Integration and Deployment is the most powerful tool a good DEVOPS team can provide, and guess what we have those people too!

Managed Clouds AWS & Google Cloud. CI/CD automation Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins & Gitlab CI/CD.